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Need to craft unique video content? Looking for professional video producers, crews and editors at an affordable price?

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Whether you are looking for a unique branding opportunity or a fabulously unexpected and personalized gift, we can help you craft an unforgettable video worthy of going viral.



Best Seder in the USA (The Passover Song) as featured on the Today Show.

Below are examples of a few of our video parody offerings:


  • Advertising Campaign Videos.  Make a fantastic video that viewers will want to share, and let social media spread your message for you. Select a song that leverages current trends in pop music to bring attention to your brand. 

  • Conferences and Corporate Event Videos. Rally the troops and build camaraderie with a music video parody about your company or clients. Make a memorable addition to your next conference or corporate event.


  • Unforgettable Gifts. What could be more personal than a customized music video parody of their favorite song that is all about them?  A great gift idea for special birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, roasts, or bachelor/bachelorette parties.


  • Political Campaign Videos. Target your key demographic with alternative lyrics to a song you know they want to hear, and make a music video parody that will leave a lasting impression.


  • Kids Music Videos. Get a truly original kids music video conceived and executed by our award-winning team. 


  • Social Issue Awareness Videos. Raise awareness for your cause with a video that is hard to forget. The more people who share your video the more people hear your message, so let us create a video worthy of going viral.


Our network of exceptional film artists produce, high quality, professional branded video parodies of all kinds for: advertising campaign films, political campaign films, and social issue films, as well as surprise additions to corporate events, retirement parties, birthdays, or anything else you have in mind!


We work with a top-notch team of artists to write lyrics, supply musical talent, shoot video and edit your final product, with as much or as little creative input as you care to provide.


Fill out our form or call 855-694-6733 to craft a music video parody, corporate video parody or any creative filmed production you envision.









Need to craft a unique original video content? Looking for professional video production anywhere across the USA and/or video editing at an affordable price?

To speak to one of our creative content and video production account managers for a free consultation, call 855-694-6733 or use our form above.


Providing flash mobs and other surprise experiences through the arts worldwide, GoSeeDo.org and BookAFlashMob.com are non-profit program services of Misnomer, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to supporting the arts by bringing artists and the public together in innovative and meaningful ways. Whether partnering with companies, organizations or individuals, we support top-tier creative talents in crafting truly memorable and engaging dance, theater and musical experiences.

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