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    Live Events Gone Viral









    Musical Flash Mob

    • With original music or parodied popular songs we can craft a surprise experience for your audience that will make them feel as if they just stepped into their favorite Music Video or Broadway Musical.  With live singing, dancing and acting a whole musical world can come to life before your eyes at your next corporate event, gala or conference.


    Dance Flash Mob

    • All spirits are lifted after a little dancing. Celebrate promotions or retirement parties, introduce some special energy to your kick-off meetings or customer conferences, and wow employees. Get the team together and do some flash mob dancin’ to create a one-of-a-kind event!


    Singing Flash Mob

    • Stand up and sing out!  Singing only flash mobs are another great option for high impact surprise in an unconventional and exciting way.  This option could be to create a different type of feeling or mood than a dance might be able to emote.  We could also add a parody to your song choice to custom tailor the song to be about your  brands messaging.


    Unique Stunts Flash Mob

    • We can pull off any kind of stunt you can imagine.  Want some help with thinking outside of the box?  Give us a call...Our creative consultants are experts at taking general themes or concepts and turning them into something spectacular.



    Live Entertainment









    GoSeeDo will work with you to deliver any type of live entertainment you can imagine, including song, dance, music and more.  We have the entertainment world at our fingertips, so sit back, relax and leave it to us to deliver the wow-factor.

    Musical Production Numbers, Singing, Dancing, Themed Entertainment...

    • Rockette Inspired Showgirls
    • Holiday Carolers
    • Barbershop Quartets
    • Captivating MC’s 
    • And much much more!



    Music Video Parodies


    Using parodies of popular songs, we provide you with a unique branding opportunity by leveraging pop music trends to highlight what makes you special.  Your final product will be a fully produced music video, perfect for sharing online and on social media.



    Commercials, Webseries, Promotional Videos and more!

    With years of film and editing experience, our in house production team can work with you to develop web series, commercials, and promotional videos…we do it all!  Need a new idea?  Let us know your goals and our team will deliver something unique just for you.